Praline Composition
     - Colatta dark compound
     - Colatta passionatta grape
     - 300 grams of colatta dark couverture
     - 80 grams of chili paste
     - 100 grams of dairy cream
     - 40 grams of glucose
     - 20 grams of butter 




1. Heat dairy cream with glucose together until it simmer.
2. Mix the colatta dark couverture and the chili paste together, pour on the hot cream.
3. Using the immersion blender mix the ingredients until it thickens, add in butter and set aside to be used for filling. 
4.  Prepare colatta dark compound melt until 40-50 degree celsius.
5.  Make the shells by pouring unto mold and let it solidify in 5 minutes.
6.  Fill each mould with ganache and let it set for 10-15 minutes.
7.  Cover the mould by briefly warming up the mould by blowing warm air unto it. Place a small quantity of tempered chocolate on the pallet knife and spread into cover.
8.  Let it set for a while on the table and place inside the freezer for 10 minutes, inside the chiller for 30 minutes.
9.  Check the moulder once set, lightly tap the mould with the back of the pallet knife and carefully knock the pralines loose from the mould on a sheet of paper on a stainless steel plate.