-30 grams of Cori Olive Oil
     -150 grams of spaghetti pasta
     -20 grams of garlic
     -2 grams of chili flakes
     -1 pc. chicken cube
     -1 pc. curley parsley
     -1 tbsp. salt and black pepper (crushed)
1. Heat water in a pot, add salt and Cori olive oil. Wait until it boils and add pasta.
2. Drain pasta and put under running cold water and set aside, drizzle Cori olive oil and mix.
3. Heat pan and place CORI olive oil.
4. Once heated, sauté garlic and chili.
5. Place chicken bouillon, add a bit of water.
6. Add pasta and season with salt and crushed black pepper.
7. Add parsley and mix.
8. Serve.